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on #africa: In the week to come we will celebrate

In the week to come we will celebrate the natural heritage of Africa in connection with the release of our new book, “INTO AFRICA," which covers more than 30 years of our field work on that great continent. We want to draw attention to what is at stake for its wild places and its wildlife as Africa modernizes fast. In this image towering sand dunes roll down to the South Atlantic Ocean on the wild Skeleton Coast of Namibia, in the southwest corner of Africa. This area was once known as the Sperrgebiet—German for “prohibited zone”—and was off limits to outsiders for more than a century as an exclusive diamond-mining concession. A few years ago the government of Namibia turned this area into a new national park, part of a bold effort to protect its entire coastline. We hope that Namibia’s commitment to conservation can serve as an inspiring example for other nations. Go to the link in my Instagram bio to learn more about our “INTO AFRICA” book. Follow me for more images of wild Africa. travel creative

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on #africa: Not all heroes wear capes. God bless her

Not all heroes wear capes. God bless her heart! ❤😢🙏 _

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on #africa: What y’all doing? Well whatever you are

What y’all doing? Well whatever you are doing I need you to stop and go follow my hair care page I have a lot of fun surprises and contest coming your way soon. Also click the link in the bio and get your shop on‼️ FOLLOW NOW➡️ ⬅️ . . . . maker

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Пожалуй, ни в одной стране мира я не чувствовала себя такой особенной 😅 в городе ещё ничего, а вот за пределами 🙈 Они не просят денег, не трогают, а просто стоят и смотрят, как вкопанные, стесняются даже, если с ними заговорить 😌 А у меня от пейзажей голова кругом, как будто в моих зрительных настройках подняли яркость на максимум 🌈 КАКИЕ ЦВЕТА, какие КОНТРАСТЫ 😳😍 _travel

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on #africa: Take me back to Marrakech 😩#roots

Take me back to Marrakech 😩

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on #africa: New photos from the third and final leg

New photos from the third and final leg of my recent trip to Africa are up on the blog on, as well as! Namibia supplied some spectacular graphic captures! . Canon EOS-1D X Mark II, 20mm, 6 sec ƒ1.4 ISO 1000 . Photography Photography

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on #africa: Today, let

Today, let's go to Nigeria 🇳🇬AF514✈️ I was on call today and they needed me so here I am😎 5h15 of flight today!😊 Hope you have a great Friday! Weekend soon for you! Not for me :) 🇫🇷 videos ntigua vgeek viation irbuslovers lovers buja ie 330 frica eyes life vgeek viation 4u

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Друзья, у нас освободилось одно место в поездку в Марокко на февральские праздники! В страну с удивительно разнообразными пейзажами и аутентичной архитектурой, которая с первого взгляда покорит нас всех ❤️ За 10 дней мы проедем 3000 км дорог, пересечем перевалы Высокого Атласа, встретим закат на берегу Атлантического океана, а рассвет — в пустыне Сахара. Мы попробуем лучшие устрицы в Эссуэйре, затеряемся в Медине средневекового Феса и продегустрируем современную кухню в Марракеше. В программе будет и знаменитый на весь мир синий город Шефшауэн, и Айт-Бен-Хадоу где снимали "Игру Престолов". И, конечно, очень много шопинга и фотографий 😅 В общем, присоединяйтесь к нашей марокканской сказке, мы будем рады видеть каждого из вас! Программу, цены и маршрут вышлю всем желающим, пишите в директ👌🏼

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- simple things🌿

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Which do you like better A or B? For the love of colour ❤ For the love of tribal make up ❤ For the love of AFRICA! ❤ ure nart me 4follow

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Dreadlocks au crochet 📌 polyvalence totale 😁 . barbershop237 s locks s hops hair 4like

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💜💜💜 pre wedding 🌹

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Если в твоей душе живет бунтарка, а сердце волнуют африканские мотивы, у тебя всегда остается право быть собой.😉 Studio: Ph: Muah: Floristics: #

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A big thank you to everyone who attended the Caroline's Fine Wine Cellar White Wine Review last night! Stephanie and Anette, our amazing winemaking duo, were there pouring our 2016 Nurok. All in all, the night was a roaring success - seeing so many excellent white wines in one place was a sight to behold. On another note, Happy International Champagne Day! What better opportunity could one ask for to give our Fairview Brut a try? . . . . s eyard o lover tasting lovers ry

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Travel story by - Muslims pray five times each day, often in congregation at a mosque.... and Fridays are special days for Muslims. . . The word “Friday” in Arabic is AL-JUMU'AH, which means CONGREGATION. . . On Fridays, Muslims gather for a special congregational prayer in the early afternoon, which is required of all MUSLIM MEN. . . . Friday prayer is one of the most strongly emphasized duties in Islam. . . To all our Muslims brothers and sisters; Happy Jumuah Friday. . . Photography Photographer graphy OfTheDay

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Its all good ;)

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А вот так выглядит надвигающаяся песчаная буря. Летит себе-летит куча песка огромным облаком... Нас, правда, так и не накрыло в этот раз, но толи ещё будет) blog blogger

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Mobil phones in Africa are very common, almost everybody has minimum one phone. They use them not just for calls and messages but also for fast money transfers anywhere in the country

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3top retoebranco w _life w_demand

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