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on #explorealberta: Good morning! 💦🐈

Good morning! 💦🐈

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on #explorealberta: Walking through a fall paradise 🍁

Walking through a fall paradise 🍁

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on #explorealberta: Snow dusted peaks hidden behind golden trees. It’

Snow dusted peaks hidden behind golden trees. It’s true, you can experience Fall and Winter at the same time in Alberta. Wrap your head (and wardrobe) around that one. Photo by |

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on #explorealberta: Photo of @tourismcalgary by #Canadagrammer @jonathanjacobs_:
Perhaps the

Photo of by : . Perhaps the most recognizable face in Calgary, the Wonderland sculpture has no doubt come across your social media feed before. The 12-metre high bent-wire depiction of a young girl's head is an immediate head-turner for all who pass by the iconic Bow Building downtown. However, as I observed this intersection of commerce and creativity it struck me that the deepest interaction with this piece was different than most sculptures. While most sculptures are observed from the outside, Wonderland has two door-sized openings that invite you inside for a truly unique experience. As I looked at Wonderland through my viewfinder from a distance, I began to notice that the most notable face was not that of the wire-framed girl. Instead, it was the many faces of visitors who stepped inside and stared up in wonder. . Photo de du : . C’est sans doute le visage le plus connu de Calgary : vous avez probablement déjà vu la sculpture Wonderland dans vos médias sociaux. Cette représentation d’une tête de fillette en treillis métallique, haute de 12 m, accroche immédiatement le regard de tous ceux qui passent devant l’emblématique tour Bow du centre-ville. Pendant que j’observais ce lieu de rencontre du commerce et de la créativité, j’ai été frappé de remarquer que la plus profonde interaction avec cette œuvre est bien singulière. En effet, on observe la plupart des sculptures de l’extérieur, mais Wonderland est, pour sa part, dotée de deux ouvertures en forme de portes, qui invitent à y entrer pour vivre une expérience vraiment unique. En regardant la sculpture de loin, à travers mon viseur, j’ai peu à peu pris conscience que le visage le plus remarquable n’était pas celui de la fillette en fil de fer, mais plutôt celui des nombreux visiteurs, tête levée vers le ciel, émerveillés.

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on #explorealberta: jasper. alberta. I asked @mariawendellstewart to help me

jasper. alberta. I asked to help me with a caption, she said, “you gotta create it from your heart, from your soul, from your being, what speaks...” I was going to go with, “I like this road, it’s a good road...”

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on #explorealberta:

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on #explorealberta:

resin pour 🤤 CNC carving by

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on #explorealberta: GIVEAWAY: CANON 6D. •

I am so thankful for

GIVEAWAY: CANON 6D. • I am so thankful for all of your support over the years and would love to give back to this community so I’m giving away a brand new Canon 6D. • HOW TO ENTER 1. FOLLOW 2. TAG a friend on this post. 3. POST your own pic and share why you would love the camera. 4. Tag and mention and use so I can see your entry. • I will choose my top 8 based on image and story on Nov 4 and will then turn it over to the community to decide the winner announced Nov 8. Thanks again for all your support and I hope this camera gets to the person who needs it! . Check my link in bio for all the details! Open to all countries. Enter as many times as you want. 🙌🏻

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on #explorealberta: cottoncandy skies at bow lake

cottoncandy skies at bow lake

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What a beautiful sight.

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Exploring Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.

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Such a peaceful place, i would like to stay for a while....Grassi Lakes, Canmore _captures

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• Out early for a sunrise shoot which was a total fail but did manage to catch some elks crossing the river • island #🦌 #🇨🇦

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Yes, I think the flag ruined the picture too.

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Pumpkin season.

34 1 Oct 23, 2017

One of the most unique trees I've seen - has half bright yellow and half green leaves plus these little spikey orbs.

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(s)měj se from the theories of happy eyes

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A sideways glance is all I get for my trouble crawling up to this owl in the snow on my elbows to get the shot. A beautiful hoar frost covers the snow covered wheat stubble field like icing sugar. The snowy owl is well camouflaged against the winter landscape. I can never tire photographing these owls. Something about the way they look and the challenging frigid climate they thrive in. It pushes both the photographer and his equipment to the limit. _birds _nature_knowledge _wildlife_ _of_our_world _birds _sultans _raptors _perfection _brilliance _birds _spy_birds _birds _nature_wildlife _wildlife 4nature _feature _perfection _birds _birds ofprey _adored _about_birds s _perfection

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