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on #fall: Trying to balance it all out. Emphasis on ‘

Trying to balance it all out. Emphasis on ‘trying.’ 🏃:

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Этот кашемировый кардиган, с шиншилловым кроликом в разных оттенках, с сегодняшнего дня поступил в продажу в Украине! Его можно сочетать с чем угодно. Очень практичная и нужная вещь в гардеробе. Бесплатная доставка в течение двух дней 😉

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on #fall: If the seasons had a beauty contest I’

If the seasons had a beauty contest I’m pretty sure Fall would win 🍁🍃🍁 http://liketk.it/2t9J8

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on #fall: she gets so jealous this is so cute!

she gets so jealous this is so cute!

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on #fall: Some days I amaze myself. Other days I

Some days I amaze myself. Other days I look for my phone while I'm holding it. 🤓💁✨ blogger blogger inspo feels

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on #fall: Driving in the middle of nowhere...isn’t

Driving in the middle of nowhere...isn’t it interesting how huge cities used to be deserts ”in the middle of nowhere”??! And so it is with life! It’s easy to look at others and their results and think they just got there overnight and built their ”city” overnight..but the truth is they started with a desert and slowly, step by step, designed, cultivated and molded it into a magnificient city. It’s sweet what people can do when they have a dream, a goal and are determined!! What’s your ”city”? Have you started cultivating the desert? Go for it, I say, cause boy can human beings build something amazing out of nothing. Ps. Roadtrip continues. I’m writing this in a tent. In the middle of nowhere in Arizona 😂 Skipbo and cold smored were perfect ending to a day. Babies are doing awesome! ~ Roadtrippi jatkuu! Mä kirjotan tätä teltassa keskellä ”ei-mitään” Arizonassa 😂 Skipbo ja vaahtokarkkikeksit oli täydellinen pääte tälle päivälle. Bebet on olleet sankareita tän roadtrippailun aikana ja on vihdoin unessa makuupussissa (me ostettiin kunnon amerikkalainen jätti ”perhemakuupussi”!! Kuin makeeta haha).

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on #fall: flower boy 🌼 📸: @iamxleon

flower boy 🌼 📸:

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on #fall: Classic architecture plus beautiful fall colors 🍂🍁 at UW -

Classic architecture plus beautiful fall colors 🍂🍁 at UW - nice 📷 and thank you for the tag! _seattle

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on #fall: About last night with my #daughter @christine_staub and

About last night with my and her tongue..... ! still looking but let's discuss that t-shirt lol ❤️

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Fall fall fall🍁🌰 Yayyyy🍃🍂 I love fall most of all❤ Honestly do u like my edit I know it is really simple but I love it and I hope u do😁

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Beutiful autumn colors 🍁🍂🍃💛 . . . colors love morning morgen farben

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Good morning 🍁🍂

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Posticini del cuore • • • inginlovewiththiscity funday vibes italiana

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Autumn Vibes 🍁🍂

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Второй раз я в этом штате и знаете,чего мне правда не хватает во Флориде? Уютных и милых кофеень!!!Краснодар ведь усыпан этими милашными,стильными уголками,где можно расслабиться и рисовать, рисовать, рисовать под тёплый аромат кофе и громкую музыку в наушниках! Здесь же в основном закусочные,рестораны ,и бары... Да,Флорида такая ,здесь жара практически круглый год и ГОРЯЧИЕ НАПИТКИ ВОООООБЩЕ РЕДКО ПЬЮТ, а мы ведь русские, мы и в жару чай с плюшками закидываем и классно же!!!И ,кстати,здесь во всех заведениях фигачат мною ненавистные кондиционеры!!!Просто в конце октября плюс 30 за окном,понимаете!!! НО что меня точно впечатляет в этой части США,так это- обилие зелени и живые,самые невероятные тропические растения -везде и всюду!!! Вот и дизайн в этом ресторане с живой цветущей стеной просто ввёл меня в восторг!!! Место в копилку любимых за мега-дизайн👌💥❤️ . . . Amazing design and so beautiful place ❤️ . florida ling

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a stroll in beautiful Stockholm

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Monday mornings suck. But you know what doesn’t? Home made apple and amaretto tarts using apples from the tree in our garden 🙌🍎 💕 - any excuse for apples and pastry! What’s your favourite pastry recipe? I made the shortcrust pastry with a ratio of 1:2 butter to plain flour, pulsed to breadcrumb texture and then brought into a dough with cold water and one egg yolk for extra sheen. A teaspoon of cinnamon just added a fabulous edge. Chill for 15 mins and then roll to about 3 mm thick and line your tart tin! Blind bake at about 160 for 20 mins or so. The filing is stewed apples (sliced 🍎, cinnamon, about 100g of sugar and a handful of raisins, simmer for 15 minutes until the apples break down. Let it cool and throw a dash of amaretto in, why not!? Once cool, blend until smooth. Layer that into your blind baked pastry case and then (the fun bit!) layer on your sliced apples in a beautiful spiral pattern - or whatever pattern you fancy! I glazed mine with marmalade by enlisting the help of a pastry brush, but I think an apricot jam would just be 👌. Bake for another 15-20 mins - watch so it browns and the apples soften but retain their texture. Then it’s a waiting game... let it cool a little, remove from the pastry tin and share it around! WARNING ⚠️ if you take this to work you may find your colleagues are friendlier than usual 😂 _i_tarian

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돌아온 라넌. . . . 큘러스 주문 suz flowers

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Autunno in Barbagia. Sa innenna (Fall in Barbagia - the harvest). The homes in Sorgono are open to visitors during tis event when the people of this small town in the heart of Sardinia offer their products the public. (Such as wines, breads, liquors, pastas, sweets, honey and much more). _illife _snapshots_daily _snapshots_travel _earth reporter _nature _illife experience _shots _places _world_photo _captures

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