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on #hiking: Searching for the light at the end of

Searching for the light at the end of the tunnel. My favorite trails have a splash of magic, a pinch of mystery, and a lot of water! 🌿 - Thanks for the video

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on #hiking: Driving in the middle of nowhere...isn’t

Driving in the middle of nowhere...isn’t it interesting how huge cities used to be deserts ”in the middle of nowhere”??! And so it is with life! It’s easy to look at others and their results and think they just got there overnight and built their ”city” overnight..but the truth is they started with a desert and slowly, step by step, designed, cultivated and molded it into a magnificient city. It’s sweet what people can do when they have a dream, a goal and are determined!! What’s your ”city”? Have you started cultivating the desert? Go for it, I say, cause boy can human beings build something amazing out of nothing. Ps. Roadtrip continues. I’m writing this in a tent. In the middle of nowhere in Arizona 😂 Skipbo and cold smored were perfect ending to a day. Babies are doing awesome! ~ Roadtrippi jatkuu! Mä kirjotan tätä teltassa keskellä ”ei-mitään” Arizonassa 😂 Skipbo ja vaahtokarkkikeksit oli täydellinen pääte tälle päivälle. Bebet on olleet sankareita tän roadtrippailun aikana ja on vihdoin unessa makuupussissa (me ostettiin kunnon amerikkalainen jätti ”perhemakuupussi”!! Kuin makeeta haha).

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on #hiking: I don

I don't want 5* resort, restaurant and movie theater. I'll take any day camping, eating plain oatmeal and looking at the starts 😊 oh and coffee​ & county music would make it perfect! fam spo ness

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on #hiking: The Br_Explorers is ecstatic to announce our next

The Br_Explorers is ecstatic to announce our next official Explorer and welcome to the team! Dillon is an avid outdoorsman and photographer who spends the better part of his time exploring the Blue Ridge Mountain Ranges and North Carolina. What we love about Dillon is his passion for exploring nature as well as passing that same passion to his family. We will be featuring him for the upcoming week and can’t wait to see more of his adventures! Post 1 _______________________________________________________ 📷: Explorer • 📍: Table Rock Linville Gorge, NC • 📕: Every breath is a blessing so stop, take a minute and count your blessings! Here's a self portrait I shot of myself right out side the cave I was camping in near the summit of Table Rock in the Linville Gorge, NC as the sun set on another incredible day! • _______________________________________________________ _explorers er _mood daily rmore adventures lovers photography

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on #hiking: Mountain Views. Mt Lemmon, AZ. By @kgat15 | #arizonahiking #

Mountain Views. Mt Lemmon, AZ. By | hiking

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on #hiking: Navigating our beautiful green world #bush walk #hiking

Navigating our beautiful green world walk

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on #hiking: Sometimes it

Sometimes it's journey that teaches you a lot about your destination. ~Drake Have a great day, Eigerian! . Photo by: .

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on #hiking: Whoa. This trippy photo was taken somewhere around

Whoa. This trippy photo was taken somewhere around the last 400-feet ascent to the summit of Yosemite's most famous landmark, Half Dome! The cables, which are modern versions of those originally laid out by George Anderson in 1875, allow hikers to reach the summit without using any kind of rock climbing equipment. It's not easy though... it's a 14 to 16-mile or about 10 to 12-hour hike to Half Dome and back, including this almost vertical ascent to the top. Amazing shot by . . . . . gram ing photography ing pics

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on #hiking:

명산 찾아 돌아다니기 2번째 스토리는 정상 입니다! 다음은 어느산으로 가볼까요~?! . . . . 100 #100대명산 100대명산 6   6 스타그램 스타그램 하는여자

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1,260 foot climb after a 4.4 mile hike... yeah, I’ll go. #1000footdrop

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Tanah Merah. . . .

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霧ヶ峰@百名山@ヒュッテみさやま泊 . 晴れて満足、もう心は下山後の温泉、諏訪湖湖畔のイタリアンレストランの昼食は美味しかった👍 2017.10.17-18 . s ing ese hero5 hardwear

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Shadows from the wreckage. I would still love to go back here around sunset. I bet it would be so dramatic! . Dogs Allowed: yes Fees: none Distance from Portland: 1 hr 55mins

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Lake Hawea from the top of Ithsmus Peak, well worth the 6 hour hike 🏃 . . . . guide vacation s vacation day s

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Rain and heavy clouds made the perfect setting for this solo capture. . . . . . . . . falls fallfoliage oregon 1440project

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Stop taking pictures of us human :) 2017 .⠀ .⠀ . theworld blog photo photography gram theplanet photography love gram porn beauty arecalling

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The Walker Home Ruins: Once a giant mansion, built on the edge of a cliff, it was struck by lightening, burned down, and abandoned over 100 years ago. Colorado

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Engadin 🌞

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