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on #instanature: User-#bergpic: Der Blick gestern vom Rauhhorn (2.

User- : Der Blick gestern vom Rauhhorn (2.240 m) Richtung Schrecksee. 📷: 👌

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on #instanature: I couldn

I couldn't resist to post this picture of Ahornboden. I promise, this is the last one for, let's say, at least one week 😆 Pic by

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on #instanature: What an incredibly beautiful animal! Unbelievable people kill

What an incredibly beautiful animal! Unbelievable people kill these majestic animals just for greed 😔 Beautiful shot from 📸 ✥ ✥ 🦁 Follow: 🐒 Hashtag:

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on #instanature: Presents
Photo by: @lirpae_
Location: #Alpstein
Congratulations to

Presents Photo by: Location: Congratulations to the winner! Photo selected by: If you want to be featured remember to use _LANDSCAPE and follow Admin: Please no stolen or web pics! _crews Affiliated Follow us on s 4Likes e e porn e _seekers _landscapes lover _lovers s

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on #instanature: It

It's time to reveal the best life plant I had the pleasure of making acquaintances with during the 2017 botany season. It was an easy decision to have this wildflower be number one as it was one of my most exciting and meaningful of rare plant discoveries in my career thus far. The featherfoil (Hottonia inflata) has been extirpated and unseen in Ohio for over 30 years and thought long lost for our flora. It's a winter annual that is very fickle and finicky about blooming, which makes finding/tracking it even more difficult. Many have looked for it over the decades with no luck. As the fates would have it, I managed to discover a lovely population of it back in late May in a pond in extreme southern Ohio doing its thing and looking great! I can't recall the last time my heart about leaped out of my chest in such a manner as it did: I couldn't believe my eyes. It's such an odd, goofy plant that nothing else comes close to looking like and is rather rare across its range. The feather-like submerged leaves are topped with hollow inflated stems adorned with tiny and inconspicuous white flowers. The cherry on top was the presence of the state-endangered low spearwort (Ranunculus pusillus) occurring at the site as well! Days and discoveries like that are part of why I became a field botanist and do what I love and love what I do. It's definitely a plant few would find attractive but it's the most beautiful thing I saw this year! Gram Lovers Photography Nature Flora Wildflowers Botany

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(📸By ) Explore _Vacations

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You are not too old and it is not too late. 📷: mi4i + snapseed . . . . . . . . . . . . photography _perfection lovers _worldclub _photooftheday _sunsets_aroundworld _shots _world_photo _captures _of_day

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to see the unseen 🙏🌀🙏 . . what I love about miracles...,miracles 👌☺️😇 . . autumn colors home love lovers

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Happy International Snow Leopard, Hemis National Park, Ladakh - India photos photography photography photos photography s sphotography lover lovers photography me wild _captures

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Fall colours are in full effect! | | Want to know more? Send an E-mail to me by clicking the button on my profile, or DM me! | | photography photography love lovers top lovers eh 150

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