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on #livehealthy: Self-Made Challenge 💗  Can

Self-Made Challenge 💗 Can't believe my results 🐼thanks -Click link in bio

3648 49 Nov 17, 2017
on #livehealthy: I start my mornings with @typhooindia’s green

I start my mornings with ’s green teas🍵 they have different variants which makes every day super interesting! I’ve started the benefits of it on my blog (Link in bio) ❤️ isbae detox

3632 11 Nov 16, 2017
on #livehealthy: Good morning beautiful souls❤
Here is Day6 of 🔅 #

Good morning beautiful souls❤ Here is Day6 of 🔅 🔅 Today as a prop we use either a yoga wheel or a ball. I chose to have a play on my 💜🙏 I wish you all a wonderful day😉 . . . My outfit is by Mat is by Hosts: 💓 💕 💞 ❤ Sponsors: 🎁 🎁 challenge girl pose love journey asanas everydamnday daily workout

2128 115 Nov 16, 2017
on #livehealthy: Have you tried Halo Top? It

Have you tried Halo Top? It's a much better choice than some of the other ice creams you are seeing in the store today. . . Follow us () for the best daily health tips 💪 . . . 📸 All credits to respective owner(s) // . . . . . . . . . s

1495 115 Nov 16, 2017
on #livehealthy: Hallo Wochenende !!!!! Du darfst solange bleiben, wie Du

Hallo Wochenende !!!!! Du darfst solange bleiben, wie Du willst 😂😂🎉🎉 Hier mal ein kleines Update von meinen Beinen 🙈😳 Trotz langer Erkältung habe ich meine Form noch ziemlich gut gehalten und bin bereit fürs Training 💪🏻💪🏻 So eine Pause (auch wenn sie Grippe bedingt war) tat ziemlich gut !!! Gebt eurem Körper die nötige Ruhe .... er wird euch sehr dankbar sein!!! In diesem Sinne euch allen einen schönen Freitag und happy Weekend 💪🏻🎊🦍

657 14 Nov 17, 2017
on #livehealthy: This is the phrase I repeat to myself

This is the phrase I repeat to myself during leg day lol 🍑🍑🍑 Do it for the booty. Booty is life. 🙌🏼 I got this hoodie from and it's my new fav because the quote obvi, plus it's sooo comfy which is perfect for this time of year. Use my code Laurag15 for 15% off. Limited stock available! Do it for the boooooooty 👻

5450 289 Nov 14, 2017
on #livehealthy: Behind the scenes from... 😌 yes! Coming soon! Stay

Behind the scenes from... 😌 yes! Coming soon! Stay tuned 😉 Have a great and healthy weekend everyone! 💪❤️😘

1177 10 Nov 17, 2017
on #livehealthy:

🍱Which day is your favourite? ⬇️MONDAY: 2 poached eggs with mushrooms TUESDAY: mini shrimp, cottage cheese, coleslaw WEDNESDAY: chicken breast, avocado, tomatoes THURSDAY: ham, peas, eggs, tomatoes FRIDAY: chicken curry, zucchini, carrots SATURDAY: white fish, lemon, green beans Love all of these combinations. I hope this is some meal prep inspiration for the week :) Follow us for more 💪 . Also follow for more 💪 . . s

739 21 Nov 17, 2017

Muy muy rico!! Una súper ensalada con tooooodo y una bomba de mijo y muzzarela (vegana) de myfood myvibes 😜😋

1 0 Nov 17, 2017

We are a supporter of all things great, people, products, places and events.. this is one of those cool life vibe spots for all of you into yoga. It’s put on by a great farm friend and it offers a unique experience in a unique setting.. a great place to reset the soul and mind., retreat

2 0 Nov 17, 2017

Guys we made it!!! It’s Friday and the weekend is just about here! Got up early like always for my rise-n-grind session. I️ worked on killing those shoulders and back. Going after the shoulder boulder and back attack if you know what I️ mean. Have a great weekend and workout!

11 2 Nov 17, 2017

Happy Friday everyone! ❤️ . . Who else is excited about pomegranate season?? 🙌🏻 . . A delicious snack: Coconut culture topped with pomegranate seeds and chopped walnuts. . . Haven't tried coconut culture? It's a coconut based yogurt. It's a great way to get all the healthy bacteria yogurt provides in a dairy free way. It's also a great source of fibre and calcium! 😋👌🏼 . . . . . . . . . . . egranate

11 1 Nov 17, 2017

Мастер класс от Ульриха Геслера -врача сборной Швеции по лыжным гонкам, на тренажере ⛷💥

8 1 Nov 17, 2017

Amazing view! 😍 Who would like to be there?🏞 . . . food

21 0 Nov 17, 2017

Sometimes we like to think it will be worth the trouble kidnapping into our kitchen just for 1 month to savour her eye popping mouth watering dishes. This shredded beef sauce (we see shrimp😝) paired with some veggies would be a hit for the weekend . from - Shredded beef sauce for the win. Can be paired with rice or wraps 😋. _ photography porn - ie iegram porn gasm

31 1 Nov 17, 2017

We always say Acai time = Happy time. We have selection of different Acai bowls for every taste. Photo by . . . . . ism s foodie time love lover porn addict bar

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coffee with a side of compliments 💫 a reminder going into your Friday

19 2 Nov 17, 2017

sometimes you need to look back in order to move forward. Train your mind : -Be your own motivation -Stay focused -Discipline yourself -Grind day in and day out Your Body will follow: -Make the reps count -Food is fuel -Don’t slack on cardio -Rest to Recover

7 1 Nov 17, 2017

Pohánkový košíček s tvarohovou náplňou a ovocím 👌😋💛🍋🍰🍯🍮

8 0 Nov 17, 2017

Makáme...cvičíme...drepujeme👌💪👊 Môj najobľúbenejší cvik a najobľúbenejšia partia...LEGDAY ness

5 1 Nov 17, 2017

Push up"""" * * nastics motivation 4like 4follow forlike r jakarta

10 0 Nov 17, 2017


1 0 Nov 17, 2017

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