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از ما گفتن بود🤔 بعدا نگید نگفتیم😁 ی #90 #70

2029 18 Oct 17, 2017
on #red: By @alexanderrcruzz & styled by the lovely @lyndsaysmithh ❣️

By & styled by the lovely ❣️

5367 72 Oct 17, 2017
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حابب بس اوضح كلمتين .. سهل تكون رفيع وعندك عضلات بطن لكن صعب تكون ضخم وعندك عضلات بطن .. فاكيد مفيش مقارنه مبيني ومبين اي واحد رفيع يا جماعه وعلي فكرة انا لسا راجع اتمرن بطن من ٣ اسابيع ومكنتش بتمرن بطن كتير من فتره كبيرة وكلمة احب اقولها لاي واحد مبتدا (الفورمة مش عضلات بطن-عشان فيه ناس رفيعه وعندها عضلات بطن بس مش فورمه ) building goals goals builder ness

4718 10 Oct 17, 2017
on #red: On a random Sunday you will always find

On a random Sunday you will always find the best cars 👏🏻 pic by soflondon

7224 17 Oct 17, 2017
on #red: Artvin is the doorway to the season that

Artvin is the doorway to the season that awakens the soul! See the beauty of in all its at Artvin! ⠀ ⠀ 📷 ⠀ ⠀

5583 48 Oct 17, 2017
on #red: I like the way you treat me, I

I like the way you treat me, I like the way you talk to me, I like the way you do my day, I like when I can see you, I feel you, I like to think of you when you're not, I like you physical, your interior! てჰ(´❛ ε ❛ . )ჴヾ•́ォ'`゜Xx

2389 64 Oct 17, 2017
on #red: Being a perfectionist is the highest form of

Being a perfectionist is the highest form of procrastination. And procrastination is the last bastion of fear in the heart of a brave soul. I recently came to terms with my perfectionism and how it’s a colossal waste of time and life force. Spoiler: You’ll never be fucking perfect (neither will I) and you don’t need to be. The pursuit of perfection will only leave you tired, frustrated, overthinking judgmental and unfulfilled. Perfectionists are hard on themselves and that’s about as far from perfect as one can be. - MB (go follow)

2355 52 Oct 17, 2017
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. امشب ميخوام به يكي از سوالايي كه خعيلي ازم پرسيده ميشه " خعيلي " جواب بدم و براتون بنويسم 🙈 . اوّل سوالا : شما چه جوري موهاتون فره ؟! چه جوري فرِه موهاتون مي مونه ؟ شامپو كِي ميزنيد به موهاتون؟ بعد حموم به كدوم سمت سرتون رو نگه ميدارين؟! موهاتون صافه ؟! . جواب: به خدا موهام فر خدادادي شامپو توو حموم ميزنم و مارك خاصي نداره كه بگم موي فر رسيدگي ميخواد و دو روز يك بار بايد رفت حموم تا خوشگل باشه همش 🌟 . پي اس : 📸:

1993 23 Oct 17, 2017

This is what I looked like a year ago. Ew 😂 • • • photography photography  aesthetic photography grunge aesthetic grunge aesthetic aesthetic grunge

0 0 Oct 17, 2017

Awe so innocent, but check out my mean face! 🤗😍

0 0 Oct 17, 2017

Bowling elixír koktél :) elixír ide vagy oda akinek nem megy azon egy koktél sem segít xD

0 0 Oct 17, 2017

Here's a really messy pumpkin collage doodle. art colors drawing

0 0 Oct 17, 2017

0 1 Oct 17, 2017

• Gel Rosso e anulare Bianco con Rose 🌹 ________________________________________________ s art s art fashion lover s love s lover mania polish artist artists s art s tyle nails

0 0 Oct 17, 2017

Вот и пришла осень, наконец-то )можно и фоточки фоткать😂👌 set shine _такая_осень s _lovers _brilliance _nature

2 0 Oct 17, 2017

In a world so black and white I'll remain being red 4l ike4like ikeforlikes

8 0 Oct 17, 2017

The "π" house_the fireplace ny & is finally RED_in contrast with the black, white & grey general consept_Design, consept & supervision by RoisMakhoulVassiliou architecture+design_visit 👑 ure ural er

1 0 Oct 17, 2017

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