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on #safari: Cute baby 💛
Video by @newding2
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Cute baby 💛 Video by Follow for cute cats . 😻 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . s s ofinstagram s tagram s s lover s lovers oftheday s ofig s agram lady urday love s _o

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on #safari: In the week to come we will celebrate

In the week to come we will celebrate the natural heritage of Africa in connection with the release of our new book, “INTO AFRICA," which covers more than 30 years of our field work on that great continent. We want to draw attention to what is at stake for its wild places and its wildlife as Africa modernizes fast. In this image towering sand dunes roll down to the South Atlantic Ocean on the wild Skeleton Coast of Namibia, in the southwest corner of Africa. This area was once known as the Sperrgebiet—German for “prohibited zone”—and was off limits to outsiders for more than a century as an exclusive diamond-mining concession. A few years ago the government of Namibia turned this area into a new national park, part of a bold effort to protect its entire coastline. We hope that Namibia’s commitment to conservation can serve as an inspiring example for other nations. Go to the link in my Instagram bio to learn more about our “INTO AFRICA” book. Follow me for more images of wild Africa. travel creative

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on #safari: Getting this close to an African Jaguar of

Getting this close to an African Jaguar of this size is not smart. Awesome pic though! By

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on #safari:

بشارع 😐😂😂 👈🏻Follow & Tag . . . . . life 4like 4follow 4likes cats lifephotography

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on #safari: When you make yourself laugh⠀
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When you make yourself laugh⠀ s ess king s 📷:

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on #safari: Majestic ⠀
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Majestic ⠀ s ess king s 📷:

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on #safari:

Two hyena clans battling out on safari - video by Brett Heasman

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on #safari: bye bye dubai! you are the second most

bye bye dubai! you are the second most beautiful muslim city I have ever seen (the first is istanbul) 😜❤️ 🌃 ❣️ . . . . . . . . . . . . -------------------------------------- evlendi from to fashion andgroom

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Suksme sudah menggunakan produk kami.. 🙏🙏 . . Testi/repost kepuasan pelanggan kami . bali bali balimurah nese er

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Another gorgeous on . . Namibia, Sept 2016

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nationalpark photography photography 81

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Driving through Tsavo East National Park, we were like, "Freddie (our guide), what's the chances of us seeing a Hippo?" He goes, "No way, we are too far from the river and we haven't got enough time." Then we drove past this MASSIVE PUDDLE. nationalpark potamus

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Proposta de mesa no tema safari/floresta ideal para aniversário ou mêsversário. 🐒🐘🌿🌳  ação

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VOLKS ADVENTURE TOUR is a Balinese Bali Tour Community based in Bali Island that work closely with authentic attractions and sights to showcase all the island has to offer for the ultimate balinese culture experience. We provide several tour options each with different destinations and activities to give you a glimpse of the beautiful Island of God. Volks Adventure Tour proudly supports a local community of vintage Volkswagen enthusiasts and owners in Bali. For further information, please contact us : Whats App : +6282145009710 +6285339337781 Email: volksadventuretour Instagram : volksadventuretour Facebook : Volks Adventure Tour tour bali bali tour bali safari

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Big 5 ✋

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Safari Part 1

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y sigo subiendo fotos!! 😙😙😙

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My love my sweetheart 係時候放完假了working holiday 的 holiday (回到我們太空人的戀愛) 我們愛來得簡單直接😜我愛你❤️你愛我❤️多謝你包容我的不好,黎緊我們將會再一次被受考驗.........期待你回來的一刻😊離開不是傷痛的...而是再相遇的新開始🌈🌈🌈🌈標記🎯🎯 ly life playhard u

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