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on #serengeti: Near and Far | Photograph by Yaron Schmid (@yswildlifephotography)

Near and Far | Photograph by Yaron Schmid () . “I spotted a herd of approximately 80 elephants walking through the fields of the Serengeti. It was a dream of mine to capture a bull up close,” writes Your Shot photographer Yaron Schmid. “I waited quietly four hours until one of the larger bulls marched head-on towards me, while the rest kept their distance. It was as if he was their protector, and when he sensed I wasn’t a threat, he turned and allowed them to march peacefully by. I laid on the floor of the car, hoping to capture his magnificent profile with the other elephants between his legs.” — “There is an argument that a little imperfection actually can make an image better — we know what I’m talking about here. In this case, that argument is right on the edge! I still like it though, and keep coming back to it. What you have attempted is something interesting and visually exciting. Nicely done.” — photographer Charlie Hamilton James () . This photo was submitted to our “Chasing Moments” assignment — by — and curated by photographer Ami Vitale (). To participate in our assignment and share your “Chasing Moments,” go to the link in our profile.

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on #serengeti: Successful treatment of a snared giraffe. Snare has

Successful treatment of a snared giraffe. Snare has been removed and wound treated - here the team giving him an extra hand up. He is now up and mobile. Our team documented this just this morning - great to see teamwork like this

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on #serengeti: Hello human! Me and my family have a

Hello human! Me and my family have a little vacation at the beach. On grassland it is wet and cold because it has been raining. Where are you going?! We belong to this place❤️❤️❤️ wildlifesafari # #

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on #serengeti:

♡ ✧ Some things cannot just be seen, they must be felt with the heart ~ a moment that will forever be etched in my mind, a wild African elephant in the heart of the Serengeti 🐘We were blown away by the kindness of the people & the beauty of the land. ۵ Hakuna Matata 🇹🇿 Thanks you for the most amazing experience ✨✨✨✨

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on #serengeti: Photo by @amivitale. A young #elephant calf seeks

Photo by A young calf seeks shelter under his mother in the Reserves, a conservatory adjacent to Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. The Grumeti Reserves are an integral part of the -Mara Ecosystem, the home of the Great Migration. Young calves go under their mothers for a feeling of protection and comfort and, of course, to nurse.

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on #serengeti: Photo by  @charliebulla
Nowadays, working with a subject

Photo by Nowadays, working with a subject which is backlit has become one of my favorite environments to create within. As this amazing moment presented itself, admittedly, I was a bit anxious, having never been in front of a leopard before, this moment was lit beautifully, and my primary task was capturing video on this adventure. My heart was racing as I worked through my process of capturing both motion and stills. Fortunately this big cat was patient and I had the opportunity to capture both a nice video clip and this still image. A favorite few moments for sure.

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on #serengeti: There is a leopard in this tree. Honest.

There is a leopard in this tree. Honest.

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on #serengeti: Melt-your-heart kinda cute - serval kittens in

Melt-your-heart kinda cute - serval kittens in the Serengeti. ---------- 📷: 🌍: ---------- wednesday photography undercanvas

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on #serengeti: Leopard scent marking.  But almost looks like modeling 😀😀#

Leopard scent marking. But almost looks like modeling 😀😀 , Tanzania.

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avventura park 🦁🔝🦏🐘🐒🌏🌈🛫♥🍾

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As jy nog nie jou kaartjie gekoop het vir more se nie is dit nou jou laaste kans. Kannie wag nie om die dag saam met julle almal te spandeer nie!

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Once upon a time I saw Simba in his kingdom Still, staring, silent . . crater

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The ultimate spot for a romantic lantern-lit - perched on the Kuka Hills overlooking the Concession. ---------- 🌍: ----------

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Hippopotamus out of water. photography photography photography photography potamus photography

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Portrait of a caracal, wildcat of Africa. Usually nocturnal, this one was observed with its mate in the Serengeti wl _sylviadivemaster _wildlife _perfection photography addicts _dropping_shots _is_africa

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When the lioness poses and smiles at you ❤️ ess life animals ssa cats 5 trip mara gram

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Fominha 🌿 💚💚💚

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Tembo time 🐘

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Honeybadger can dance,all Bolingo from Africa and blues from Europewhatever the Music will be played with rock python of 90 kg.... he(honeybadger) dance to make the spine of a snake get tired before he allow his majest head be touched... ofcourse he can’t eat all of python. Some others will scavange the rest. Honeybadger is just the world dancer infront of DJ any snake. wildlifesafari # #

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RELAXATION!!! Booking us for best and memorable Safaris. nationalpark _africa

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