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between the giant walls of Wadi Mujib. Crazy fact that this canyon is 410m below sea level where it enters the Dead Sea 😳. What an incredible corner of the earth!

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🇧🇷Petra, Jordânia, para conhecer o complexo a cidade base é Wadi Musa, fica a 200km da capital, Amã, alugamos um carro e fomos para lá! O complexo de Petra abre as 6h da manhã, no inverno fecha as 16h e no verão as 18h, pagamos 50 dinar por pessoa para entrar. Chegamos às 7h e valeu muuuuito a pena! Não tinha quase ninguém e deu pra tirar muitas fotos! Ficamos até as 18h, só falo uma coisa: vá em forma hahah nunca andamos tanto na vida! Mas valeu cada dorzinha no dia seguinte! AMAMOS esse lugar! 🇺🇸 Petra, Jordan, to know the complex the nearst city is Wadi Musa, that is 200km away from the capital, Amman, we rented a car and went there! The complex opens at 6am, in the winter closes at 4pm and in the summer at 6pm, we pay 50 dinar per person to get in and we arrive at 7am and stayed until closes! I only say one thing: go healthy we never walk so much in life! Hahah But its worth every pain in the next day! 🇯🇴📌

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My favorite photo I've ever taken. Maybe it doesn't seem special to anyone else but to me it transports me back to this moment, peacefully riding under the moon in the strange and awe inspiring Wadi Rum. I had just witnessed a fight between the locals (which honestly was hilarious) and the camel I was riding was definitely the cutest I've ever seen. I took a couple snaps on my camera and somehow this shot lined up perfectly. I took forever to share it because I wasn't sure if it was "Instagram worthy" but as you know recently, I've decided to care less about that. So here you go.. a piece of my heart!

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on #shareyourjordan: Having breakfast on Mars be like😊😎☕️🍴🍳🍎🥒❤️ Thank you

Having breakfast on Mars be like😊😎☕️🍴🍳🍎🥒❤️ Thank you so much for your amazing hospitality & the most unforgettable experience😊😍❤ I had fantastic time staying in one of your signature unique Martian domes in your beautiful camp in Wadi Rum & experience what it is like living on Mars, which is my planet as per my horoscope😊 I can’t wait to be back🙌🏼 Photo by 📸 desert jordan 2015 _jordan ia _swank lovers 2016

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on #shareyourjordan: Camelong with me. 🚶🏾🐪

Camelong with me. 🚶🏾🐪

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on #shareyourjordan: After the abseil down through the wadi, you

After the abseil down through the wadi, you get to enjoy untouched waters like these 😍😍😍 Photo Credit

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on #shareyourjordan: New places, new perspectives. 🌅 | 📷: @kayvanhuisseling #insidertravel

New places, new perspectives. 🌅 | 📷:

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on #shareyourjordan: Article: Maybe you

Article: Maybe you're scared to travel because you refuse to listen to yourself [link in bio] ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Life is disorderly. Life does not respect the timeline we made for ourselves because times change and we should respond to that change. No matter what we do, we trip, we cry while chopping onions, we lose a leg, we get drunk, we fall off the bike from being drunk, we are stuck in traffic, we get into failed relationships, we fall in love over and over again, yet we end up being okay and at peace. We might not admit it consciously but we know there are a lot of things about life we cannot control. 2jordan

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📍Petra,Jordania. . Hola mis wanders! ¿Cómo van llevando la semana?. . Nosotros ya hemos vuelto a la rutina y nos está costando más de la cuenta. Como ya sabíamos que esto nos iba a pasar, antes de irnos a Indonesia mientras buscábamos el precio de los vuelos internos, se nos fue el dedo a un destino que me hace muchísima ilusión y que voy a vivir como si fuera una niña pequeña 😍 ¿Quieren saberlo? .... tic tac 😍 . Hoy y para amenizar los días que nos quedan, recordamos la preciosa Petra. Que calor pasamos!. Son muchos los que van a viajar a este destino. Les deseamos que lo disfruten tanto o más de lo que lo hicimos nosotros. We ❤️ Jordan . ------- ersjordan #7wondersoftheworld _jordan ia ie sdaily ofpetra rdan🇯🇴

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Siq Trail. 2 heures de balade dans la flotte

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Visiting Amman, and its beautiful Umayyad Palace, should be on everyone’s bucket list! Have you visited?😊 Check our Weekly Getaway 👉 profile link foodpeople . . . . .📸: photography photo blogger blog destinations

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The Monastry is an hour’s climb northwest of Petra center on an ancient rock-cut path of about 800 steps. This is also why most of the tourists cannot be bothered to arrive there. We did it at sunrise, we were alone, and it was so worth it 😍 • • • • graphy _places

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Alice wasn't the only one to find her wonderland ✨

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أرى الله في كل خَلقِهِ و شؤونه... . أشعرُ بهِ في نفسي! آراه في كُلِّ ما يحيطُ بي... . . _چاك_روسو . . cam good pinas 1100d arabic a women

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Jordan, Qasr al-Hallabat - Zarqa Governorate

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Petra at night 🌚 _jordan

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Pose like an Arab. 😂 Location: Behind my campus . Lol

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Chase the light. We see three camels! Who would you take with you on a trip through the desert? Tag them in the comments below! Featured | Location | Wadi Rum, Jordan Where Will TOTEM Take You? Use our tag for a chance to be featured ➡️ ____________________

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