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on #tentacles: Door knocker

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Door knocker tendencies Use tendencies to get a chance to be featured

2469 13 Oct 22, 2017
on #tentacles: Shop update today at 6pm CST! Also thank

Shop update today at 6pm CST! Also thank you guys for all the love on me starting to do Instagram stories! I like being able to share the process more right when I'm in the midst of it! Shop link is in my bio or at Etsy.com/girlandhercat 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

136 15 Oct 22, 2017
on #tentacles: Roll call for all the sculptures that will

Roll call for all the sculptures that will be on the new season of Silicon Valley on HBO! Look for us in Season 5 😘💜

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on #tentacles:

tattoo erssubmission art design work www.facebook.com/geemtattoo/

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on #tentacles: Tentacle lip pendant necklace 🐙🐙 available at my shop.

Tentacle lip pendant necklace 🐙🐙 available at my shop. Shop link at my bio. Photo by Model: what do you think? 🐙 🐙 🐙 Check out my shop.(www.etsy.com/shop/linggo) ❤ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ comics _sketches art

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on #tentacles: You can order personalized lovecraftian bottles on my

You can order personalized lovecraftian bottles on my etsy shop! Follow the link in bio or drop me a message! Ceck it out! ic #666

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on #tentacles: Here she is after about 5 hours today.

Here she is after about 5 hours today. Kealey was incredible and sat through the whole thing like a breeze with no breaks! I'm beyond grateful she gave me this opportunity to design and create this tattoo for her. The whole thing was hand drawn to fit and flow with her figure. This is a big milestone for me personally/artistically and can not wait to continue this piece. Thank you everyone for your support and continuing to let me create and make art for a living. I love tattooing . . #1stsession

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Dia 21: No subestimes. Palabra: Fusiosa tober tober 2017

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Nothing like a cute little octopus cuddle to make things brighter!

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of a with Creeping out from behind it that I did tonight. I Still have one or two more sessions, depending on how long they are. I'm very happy with how it's coming out so far. s

12 0 Oct 23, 2017

En lo profundo... Quién domina las ciudades? La analogía que se plantea puede ser que el más grande o el más apto puede dominar, de hecho todos los componentes de una misma urbe, son clave para el avance de la misma, si uno de ellos falta, todo se viene abajo, como en la cadena alimenticia vaya; la gente hace a las ciudades, Roma es a los romanos y Atenas a los atenienses, más allá de la arquitectura, la gente hace a un lugar como lo que conocemos, como un lugar, una comunidad de gente conectada por nexos que la hacen funcionar. . . . . . tober tober 2017 333 333 book work ing booktour

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20 ° DEEP . Deep are the oceans secrets, dark are those living souls. . tober 2017 tober

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Serie 1 Cthulhu Dioses Antiguos 12cm aprox Resina Acrílicos y tintas Aún tenemos 3 set listos de nuestro último stock. Más información por mensaje privado o a: Insanegamesmx . . . . art # Art

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I love the art for this💙 💗 rp rp manga anime rp xuke xseke

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There are twelve year olds with rape fetishes and if that doesn’t tell you the world needs to be obliterated then I’m sure this image will convince you art doesn’t belong to me

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No. 22 Squids have an ink sac that can be used to expel a cloud of dark ink in order to confuse predators. tober 2017 tober

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Unpublished submission to the carpe Noctem Magazine Halloween Coloring Book. It featured 3 of my most beloved characters. It was co created by my daughter Emily and I prior to the books release. The Wohman Yohman. Deep down inside the trunk of a tree he's hidden himself for no one to see. We heard his loud crying and dug deep down inside to find what was calling for my sister and I. The story he told us as he held us aloft was of never ending hunger, one that would not stop. He begged and he pleaded and asked us to stay. If we help him he'd reward us and forever we'd play. He needs us to feed, we've no problem with that. If not mothers cooking..perhaps a dog....or a cat? Now it’s halloween night and we knock upon doors "Are your kitties home?" "No they arent!" "Are you sure?" The holes in his back now a home for the hissing that comes from the mouths of the cats all gone missing. He fancied the cats. Some for pets, some for eating. Dont touch his favorite, unless you love bleeding. Now he turns up his nose at the thought of a meal that includes his sweet felines who he now holds so dear. He didn't like dogs and he won’t eat the cats. Now he's asking for something much bigger than that. “There's always been two, not one, three or four. Its always been this. Not less, not none or more.” “A woman and man”..he first said to me. Then he promised us life beyond what mortal men see Behind the house that never sleeps a child walks beside a beast. Within the woods beyond the trees, it never sleeps. It always sees. Follow the trail to find whats gone missing. Their waiting for you, claws sharpened, blades glistening.         ' oninstagram

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Dead Cthulhu waits dreaming. . . . . . . . . . . ist

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